Supporting Basics Ep2

Supporting in Smite



Back again for some more basics on how to support on smite? Don’t worry, I got you. Supporting is like being the teams mom. You got to make sure that they packed their lunch before walking in to a fight. Today’s basic tips are probably some that you already know.

SAVING LIVES: As a support one main goal is to save your teammates lives. This is important in the early game. In a game like smite the snowball effect is HUGE (snowball effect: when the enemy team becomes higher level than you early on. It is a lot easier for the enemy to continue to kill you. resulting in them gaining more levels and you not gaining any XP because you are always dead).

When getting ganked (ganked: surprise attack from enemy jungler. Basically, getting jumped by the enemy) priority number 1 should be to protect your ADC/Carry. If the situation looks dismal and it looks like you of you will have to be sacrificed in order for the other to make it out alive. It is always better for the support to die rather than the carry. You need to be the Leonardo DiCaprio that lets go of that wooden plank to let Kate Winslet live. This is the best option because the carry should be able to clear wave and camps faster than a support can. So while you are dead and gathering no XP or gold. Your carry should still be in lane collecting the XP and gold that you aren’t. By the time you get back to your lane. Your carry should be able to clear wave even faster than he did before, a supports wave clear and camp clear sucks compared to a carry. Additionally, if your carry falls behind, your team will lose damage in the late game phase

A good guardian has good awareness in a team fight. You shouldn’t be looking at only the enemy’s health bar. You should be looking at you teammates health bars as well. If you see a teammate low on HP. You should know that then enemy team will most likely want to finish them off. You need to “peel off” and enemy’s that are aggressing on a low HP teammate. “peel” is a term used a lot in MOBA’s, meaning protecting your allies and getting the enemies to back off. you want to become as annoying as possible to get the enemy team to just say “screw it, let them go!”. Which leads me in to my next tip.

BODY BLOCKING:  Body Blocking is pretty self explanatory. I just wanted to touch up on this because this is something that should be second nature. Not just for supporting, but for every role. If a teammate is running through the jungle with borderline no health and enemies chasing them like a scene out of a horror movie. You should body block for them. I mean step in the way of the enemy’s attacks. Sometimes making an enemy miss one or two basic attacks on an ally could save a life. Sometimes, body blocking will frustrate an enemy so much that they will do something drastic just to get that kill. Which may cause the enemy their own life. But body blocking is a little more than that. If an enemy is close to a wall. You can stand next to the wall and the enemy will have to walk around you. because the enemy can’t just walk through you (with the exception to some of their abilities). Sometimes making the enemy walk those couple extra steps around you can make the different between your teammates landing that final basic attack or that last second that your ally needed to unleash their ultimate ability that was on a cooldown resulting in a kill.

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