August 18 2020 Item Shop Review

First in today’s Featured section are the Crystal and Bronto skins the Crystal skin is really good and the Bronto skin is very bad in my opinion. Also in the featured section is the Swift, Lucky Axes, and Ratty Wrap. The Swift skin is an okay skin and its pickaxes Lucky Axes is also okay, Now its wrap Ratty is really ugly and i would not recommend buying it. Next in the featured section is the Mecha Team Leader skin the Combo Cleaver pickaxe and the Mecha Team wrap. The Mecha Team leader is really bad and is a humongous skin, its pickaxe Combo Cleaver are actually pretty good, and its wrap Mecha Team is really good. Second to last in the featured section is the Pterodactyl glider and Bitemark pickaxe. The Pterodactyl glider is not good and is a very big glider. The Bitemark pickaxe is an okay pickaxe and from me recieves a 4/5. Lastly in todays featured section is the new bundle Scoops and Slices this bundle consists of the Two Scoops pickaxe which is basically two ice cream scoops on two ice cream scoopers, the Vanilla Whip backbling which has two styles one with vanilla ice cream on a cone and strawberry ice cream on a cone. and lastly in this bundle is the Caperoni backbling which is just a piece of pizza

In today’s daily section is the Fennix skin which is absolutely terrible, and Recon Ranger skin which is just basically a copy of the manic skin. Today’s emotes in the daily section are the Waterworks emote which is funny, Llama Bell emote which is a 3/5 rating and the Renegade emote which is my favorite emote. Lastly in todays daily section is the new Sticker Star wrap which is pretty cool.

In today’s Special Offers section is the Harley Quinn bundle which consists of the Harley Quinn skin, Harley Hitter pickaxe which is one of my favorite pickaxes, and the Punchline pickaxe which looks okay, this whole bundle costs 2000 vbucks. Also in the Special Offers section is the Catwoman Bundle which consists of the Catwoman skin which is actually kind of ugly, Cats Claws pickaxe which are really boring, and the Whipcrack emote which is okay the bundle costs 1800 vbucks. Lastly in the Special Offers section is the Batman Gear bundle which consists of the Batglider glider which is actually really cool, Bat signal emote which is good, the Martial Arts Master emote which is just boring, and the Caped Crusader music pack which is pretty good. This whole bundle costs 1500 vbucks. Note that you can buy all these items separately for different prices.

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