Thoughts on the Marvel Avengers Beta

I just finished playing the beta for Marvel Avengers so here’s what I think about it.

At first its kind of hard to get the hang of controlling your heroes powers but once you figure it out its really fun. Some of the objectives are pretty hard and when your not in action fighting people it can get a little boring but once you are in one of those big fights it turns fun. Even though I turned the difficulty throughout the whole beta on easy, some of the things you have to do are pretty hard, for example one objective you have to do is find Kamilla Khan, this took me about 30 minutes because she was so far away from where I was fighting. Another cool thing in this beta is that if you connect your epic games account to your square enix account and finish all 3 of the HARM challenges you get the free Hulk Smashers pickaxe with the Hulkbuster edit style in Fortnite. This beta is actually a pretty long one it took me around 3 hours to finish it and I heard from others that it took them around 3-4 hours so don’t expect this beta to be quick. At the end of the beta you need to complete 3 HARM challenges I had the most fun in this part because here you have to fight 10 waves a bunch of robots, and you get 3 AI players to help you, I like this part also because it was just always action I never had to just walk around and find something, I was always fighting.

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