Chapter 2 Season 4 Week 1 xp Locations

Every week new xp coins are placed around the map here is where all of them are.

  1. There is a purple xp coin near the bridge close to Dirty Docks
  2. There is another purple xp coin on the very far left of the POI Weeping Woods
  3. There is a blue xp coin near the rocks on the very left of the map to get the coin break the crate you will see a little blue light when you are close to the coin
  4. There is another blue xp coin in the rubble at the wrecked house near the old henchman base close to Misty Meadows.
  5. There is a blue xp coin inside of a black box in one of the buildings at Steamy Stacks
  6. There is a green xp coin on top of the tree near the blue zipline at Steamy Stacks.
  7. There is another green xp coin at then small waterfall close to Lazy Lake
  8. There is a green xp coin under the red bridge at Salty Springs
  9. The last xp coin is a green one that is next to one of the smallest swamps at Slurpy Swamp

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