Episode 22 – Bungie split with Activision, Division 2 to launch on Epic Game Store instead of Steam

recorded on 2019-01-11

Bungie split with Activision after an 8 year partnership retains publishing rights to Destiny IP (IGN)

Ubisoft’s upcoming shooter The Division 2 will launch on Epic Games store instead of steam (The Verge)
Ubisoft says partnership will continue for future titles

Little Bits
Mad Box console releases their design, looks wild, comes in 4 color schemes (IGN)
Slightly Mad Studios – CEO Ian Bell goes out ojn Twitter saying that it will be “very easy to develop for” in response to indie developers worries about optimizing their games for this new console (COMICBOOK.COM)

A news chopper on Tuesday caught a glimpse of someone playing Mario Kart on the big screen at the Kansas City Royals stadium
Apparently it was for charity
A competition between employee of the Royals

New Metro:Exodus story trailer came out on Wednesday (watch it right now…after our stream) (COMICBOOK.COM)

Metro Exodus: Artyom Edition (the most exclusive special edition ever!?)
Functional “Nixie Watch” like Artyom’s
Gas mask w/ attachable filter
Lighter made from hollowed sniper round shell (like Artyom’s)
A Spartan Dog tag with your name
A complete map of the Aurora locomotive w/ a nice leather case
A certificate of ownership signed by authro Dmitry Glukhovsky and creative director Andrew Prokhorov
ONLY 10 will be made (9 available) and cannot be purchased, they will be part of multiple giveaways during promotional events. Check out the official website for when and how to sign up!

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen (fucking SOLID RPG) will be coming to Nintendo Switch come April

Dragon Age 4 development team looking to hire people for multiplayer (COMICBOOK.COM)
The position is requiring the applicant to have worked on multiple titles
AND have experience with multiplayer games
No NOOBS allowed

Alien: Blackout, a new mobile game from the Alien franchise
Allegedly has a legit canonical story between Alien and Aliens (I and II)
Looks like a management style game, you will direct and order the crew members to evade the
Xenomorph and your choices will impact the way the game ends.

Black Ops 4 is finally getting a Competitive Matchmaking update late January
Was released without a competitive mode with promises of it being added
The mode will be called “League Play” and should offer a more fair and serious online

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice details
Skill Trees (cool!)

DMC:5 second demo will release February 7 for ALL consoles this time (uncertain if it is the same demo as the XboxONE Exclusive DEMO)

Resident Evil 2 (REMAKE) Demo will be starting today.
30 minute time limit and that is it!
Access to exclusive cinematic trailer when you finish the demo
Available on PC, PS4, and XboxONE

Fortnite Servers could be coming to the middle east
Its been requested for some time now but due to lack of necessary infrastructures they have been unable to provide servers for the area. Epic Games is trying to remedy that by working with AWS (Amazon Web Services) to provide server access

Nintendo president says the company could be shifting its focus away from home consoles
Satoru Iwata (Pres.) claims Nintendo has not tie to their consoles
Their main focus is to deliver the “Nintendo Experience”
Dabbling in Theme Parks and Movies

Overwatch pro imposter known as “Ellie” not female gamer as she claimed to be on Sonic Wind
Rumors spread that “Ellie” was not who she said she was online
Overwatch community dug and could find this player anywhere prior to signing
Truth is that “Ellie” was actually a pro male gamer in North America
Aspiring female pro gamers may be subject to more criticism from community because of this
This would be shitty and I hope this does not happen but this internet is a cesspool
(GamesIndustry.bizz)……..probably need more details

Valve banned record number of players in December anti-cheat, most are CS: GO players (PCGamesN)
Around 609,000 players were banned in December

30,000 PUBG players banned for cheating including some pro players (Kotaku)
Players were monitoring server traffic to find player locations on map

Capcom pulled the DMC 5 demo from the Xbox store and is now unavailable (GameSpot)
There will be another demo for both Xbox and Playstation on February 7

Sony to sell VR hardware pad that is meant for movement in games to be more immersive (UploadVR)
“3d Rudder” designed to be used while seated with feet resting on it
At time of launch, 30 games will be compatible
“3d Rudder” can be used with PC aswell

Doom composer recruiting heavy metal singers to be part of choir for an upcoming game (GameSpot)
Mick Gordon openly invites anyone to part of choir, got to be 18+ and pay own way to Austin, TX

Netflix movie “What Still Remains” blatantly rips of “The Last of Us” with movie poster (ScreenRant)

God of War director Cory Barlog says DLC not right choice for game due to sheer size (ComicBook.com)
Initial DLC plans around 40% of the base game but decided it was to big and would be own thing

Razer launches “Turret” mouse and keyboard controller for Xbox One starting at $250 (Engadget)

Bethesda rolling out patches in January for Fallout 76 to improve hopefully everything (GameSpot)
First update on January 14 for performance and stability
Another update rolls out near the end of the month and will focus on community requested fixes

Alien Isolation sequel Alien Blackout insulting fans being a mobile game not a proper sequel (YongYea)

DMC 5 game length revealed by director of the game to be around 15 hours in length (Gematsu)

Insomniac teasing posible Fantastic Four crossover in Marvel’s Spider-Man (IGN)
Possible Fantastic Four suit and character mentions

Red Dead 2’s PS4 exclusive content is now available for Xbox along with new update
New update = new battle royale mode Gun Rush
Gun Rush = 32 player free-for-all or teams; grab weapons and go like traditional battle royal

GameStop is running a sale on games, old games, and consoles ending Jan 15
25% extra credit for trading in consoles
All pre-owned games $15 and under are available in a two for $20 deal

Jump Force to have open beta starting on January 18th to the 20th (TrueAchievements)
Pre-load the demo on January 17th and will be split up into 4x 3 hour sessions
1st session= Friday, January 18 from 7am-10am EST
2nd session= Saturday, January 19 from 12am-3am EST and 11am-2pm EST
3rd session= Sunday, January 20 from 3pm-6pm EST
The open beta gives access to online versus mode, 5 stages, and 17 characters to choose form
Stages= Hong Kong, Matterhorn, Mexico, Namek, New York and playable characters below:

Pegasus Seiya

Rumor Mill

Metroid Prime 4 possible release date leaked (November 29, 2019) (SCREENRANT)
Czech online retailer spills the beans

Xbox Anaconda to have VR capability (Rand al Thor 19)

The Last of Us Part II is to launch in 2019 (GamingBolt via Alannah Pearce (former IGN editor))
Rumor has it that The Last Part II will launch sometime in October or November of this year

Death Stranding to release August-September, Ghost of Tsushima to launch between mid to late 2020

Sony will not give up on VR and will integrate VR hardware within the PS5
New VR headset revision in the works

The Playstation 5 is rumored to be 6-7x more powerful than the launch PS4 and around 3x than PS4 Pro

Smash Ultimate DLC roster leak points to very weird characters but very cool

DoomGuy/Slayer (Doom)
MineCraft Steve w/ Master Chief Skin
Ryu Hayabusa (Ninja Gaiden)
Erdrick (Dragon Quest) we said =)

Koei Tecmo may have plans to remaster Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z for PS4, maybe get new interest in series

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