Fortnite Week 2 Challenges

With this guide you’ll have your Week 2 challenges done in no time!

  1. Eliminations at Lazy Lake (3) for this challenge land at Lazy Lake and try getting as many eliminations as you can, this challenge should be pretty easy since a lot of people like to land at Lazy Lake
  2. Use zip lines at the Authority (8) for this challenge land on the rim of the Authority, there you should see a bunch of zip lines for you to ride on
  3. Head shot henchman at the Fortilla (20) for this challenge land at the Fortilla and try headshoting the henchman as much as you can, for this challenge I recommend using a tactical shotgun so that you can head shot one henchman more than once
  4. Collect deadpool floaties at the Yacht (3) for this challenge just land at the Yacht and look everywhere for the deadpool floaties. Search every corner of every room!
  5. Score a goal at the soccer pitch at Pleasant Park, for this challenge land at Pleasant Park and look for the soccer field, it should be at the very middle of Pleasant Park, once you are there just kick the soccer ball into the goal
  6. Consume foraged items at the Orchard (5) for this challenge land at the Orchard. Once you are there build up a little to take some fall damage. Then go around and look for foraged items for you to eat.
  7. Search chests or ammo boxes at Holly Hedges (7) for this challenge just land at Holly Hedges and search as many ammo boxes and chests as you can. There should always be a couple chests and ammo boxes in every house.

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