Can I Use My Gaming Rig to Mine Crypto When I’m Not Gaming?


 Cryptocurrency is more and more expensive nowadays. Sure, the prices fluctuate a lot, but it’s safe to say that mining and selling crypto can bring you quite the profit. And if you are a gamer, you most likely have a beefy computer that you can use for mining crypto. The question is, should you do that or not?

The reality is that crypto mining requires a lot of power and that can be extremely hard to get from a single computer. That’s especially true if you want to mine bitcoin for example. There are dedicated bitcoin mining machines that will get a lot more value for their power. But if you just want to leave your computer there to mine some crypto and resell it then yes, you can totally do that. It doesn’t mean it will be an easy thing to do.

Crypto mining puts a lot of strain on the computer components and that can be a huge challenge that you need to endure. The problem that comes with crypto mining is that it can be adaptable and it brings in front some rather interesting options for you to consider. One of them is that you can have crypto mining in the browser, or you an have a dedicated mining program on your PC.

As a gamer, you want to take care of your PC. But crypto mining won’t help you with that. It puts a lot of pressure on your graphics card and your processor. Many times these will be at around 100%, which means they will deteriorate and lose value a lot faster than you would imagine.

Just because you can mine for crypto with your computer, that doesn’t mean you should. Sure, if you are going to replace your computer very soon then this may work quite well. But on the other hand a lot of people purchase a gaming PC with the idea of keeping it for at least a few years. In that case it matters quite a lot to take care of your PC and keep it as clean as possible. It definitely won’t be an easy thing to do, but with the right approach it can indeed pay off quite a bit in the long run.

So, should you mine for crypto if you’re not gaming? That’s totally up to you. Most people will choose to do that. And it’s ok, but then again remember your computer will be put through a lot of pressure and it may not be worth the money to do this. Yes, you can earn some cash at first, but will it actually be worth it in the long run? Only you are the one that can actually say that.

That’s why you need to assess the power, age and computer price before you go into crypto. Normally those persons that mine bitcoin are known to have separate mining machines. And if you put all the costs into account, then compare them with the overall result, you may not be that impressed by the end!

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