Why is PS4 Outselling the Xbox One?

PS4 vs. XB1


One the most classic debates that gamers around the world encounter: which console is better, the PS4 or the Xbox One. Ever since their release, these giants have been going back and forth, trying to entice their players in buyer their console. While many players and game analysts formed their opinions, the edge on which console was better wasn’t really that significant. One month you would see one over the other. However, in 2018, the PS4 is outselling the Xbox One by a large margin. According to TheVerge.com/circuitbreaker, https://www.theverge.com/circuitbreaker/2018/5/10/17339012/playstation-4-vs-xbox-one-sales-ea-microsoft-sony-ps4“At the start of this year, Sony said, “the PS4 has now cumulatively sold through more than 73.6 million units globally.” So that leaves around 29.4 million Xbox One consoles to fill out the remainder” This leaves a huge margin for Microsoft to make up.


Only 2 Reasons:



  1. Better exclusives

    The exclusives that come with the PS4 are a lot better than those for the Xbox One. This year alone held some of the greatest hits for the PS4. Spider-Man, Uncharted 4, God of War, Horizon: Zero Dawn, etc. These titles gave the edge over the Xbox, especially the recent Spider-Man title. As black Friday approaches, more people will be intrigued to buy the newer more popular games, which are on the PS4. This will only further the gap between the PS4 and Xbox One sales. Furthermore the lineup for the Xbox (while formidable) is still not as great compared to the PS4s counterparts. Forza, Halo, and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds are all great titles but are overshadowed by the greater plethora of titles the PS4 offers.

  2. Launch Price and After launch price

    At launch, the PS4 was available in many more countries than the Xbox One. The PS4 was also 100$ cheaper than the Xbox one at launch. Most the community still has that same console that was purchased 5 years ago, for many of them the price was a big factor in their decision. Furthermore, the PS4 was more accessible to other countries around the world, giving it more representation in the market as opposed to the Xbox One. Also after launch, the PS4 had more sales than the Xbox One, granting SONY more leeway in sales, promotions, and sponsorships which increases the popularity and knowledge of the PS4.

Overall, for these 2 reasons alone, the PS4 outsells the Xbox by a great margin. Due to the early lead that PS4 gained, it allowed for more leeway into the other areas, from there it skyrocketed past the Xbox. The main reason why people choose the PS4 over the Xbox One is for the titles. By heart, the two are consoles, no matter the extra features it offers. Consoles are meant for playing games, and in terms of games, the PS4 takes the cake. With only the increasing popularity in the exclusive PS4 titles, the sales of the PS4 will continue to rise above the Xbox.


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