Mobile vs Console vs PC Gaming… Which is Best?

If you like playing games, you have lots of platforms that you can use. Some of them are very portable, others not so much. But it’s up to you to study what’s available right now as you try to figure out what works for you and what you may not like. That being said, there are 3 main options that you can focus on as a gamer.



The reason why a lot of people like mobile gaming is because it’s portable. We all have our phone with us, so it makes a lot of sense to give it a shot as we play new or old games. There are plenty of new titles to play and many of them are free. The problem with mobile games is a lot of people just download the free game and play, so they have to monetize with in-app purchases. This strategy has proven effective as the mobile platform is now more profitable than BOTH console and PC. And those can end up ruining the game experience most of the time. Which is a shame, because the mobile games work and feel very well and they can easily be adapted to a fun and exciting gaming experience too! Pros: cheap (usually free), always ready to play games b/c your phone is constantly by your side

Console gaming

Consoles are great because they are created specifically for gaming and that does bring in front a nice set of benefits. The problem with console gaming is that it can be very expensive, as many of the console titles don’t receive deep discounts often. But aside from that, you just get a console and games, then you are good to go. Sure, there is a DLC policy there as well, but it’s not as bad when compared to mobile games. Then again, it can become a rather expensive hobby if you play and buy a lot of games. Which is not that great for avid gamers, but if you play a single game or just a few games at once it will be more than ok. Pros: Easy plug and play, comfort of your couch, use of your fancy 4k TV

PC gaming

Computer gaming has always been accessible and it’s plain fun. Plus, you can use a PC for other things aside from gaming which is always a plus. PC gaming is adaptable to your needs, and you can easily adjust it and make it more fun and exciting for yourself if you want. That being said, PC games tend to be the ultimate version of a game, as you have better textures, most of the DLC and other features. Pros: most immersive gaming experience, keyboard/mouse is faster and more accurate for shooting games.

Which one is the best? That’s up to you. PC gaming is great if you want to play at home, and you also have a whole lot of game types here as well. Mobile gaming is amazing on the go, and console gaming is great if you want something to play without owning a great gaming PC. In the end, they are all good, but you have to assess your needs as you figure out what you want the most. Yet you can rest assured they will fulfill your gaming needs, you can rest assured of that!


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